Kelly Erisman Memorial Scholarship

The Kelly Erisman Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019 by her spouse, Kara Kugler-Wright. Kelly was a native Lincolnite who attended Lincoln Southeast High School and went on to play softball at the collegiate level for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Throughout her life she owned at operated many bars that were inclusive to all guests and provided a welcoming atmosphere. She was known for her fun sense of humor and a source for advice because she was fair and nonjudgmental. Some of her hobbies included scuba diving, technology, graphic design, music, and a drive for adventure.

To apply, students must be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and must have maintained a high school or college GPA of 2.5 or above. Applicants must have demonstrated support of the LGBTQAA+ community through active participation in school, community, or campus involvement. Preference may be given to students who demonstrate financial need or those who are members of a UNL intercollegiate athletics team.

REQUIRED WITH APPLICATION: High school or college transcripts, first page of FAFSA report and essay responses

$500 (1 Award)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a member of a UNL intercollegiate athletics team?
  2. Please describe your involvement in the LGBTQAA+ community and how you've demonstrated support through active participation in community or campus work.