Medical Professional Student Scholarship

The Medical Research Scholarship was established in 2005 by the Medical Research Foundation, Inc. It is promoted and publicized as the Medical Professional Student Scholarship to clarify eligible applicants and entice a broader spectrum of applicants.

To apply, you must have completed the appropriate undergraduate education and be currently pursuing an advanced degree in a medical-related field, such as physician, physician assistant, dentist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, APRN, etc.
be an undergraduate nursing student enrolled in nursing studies. [Undergraduate nursing students doing pre-nursing studies are not eligible to apply; applicants must be in nursing studies to apply.]

Preference will be given to 1) female applicants, 2) those pursuing careers as physicians or nurses (although all medical majors are welcome to apply), 3) those who demonstrate financial need. Applicants may attend the qualified college or university of his/her choice. Continued scholarship funding will be awarded to each recipient each year, up to a period of four (4) years, provided he/she continues to meet the above criteria. This scholarship will not be awarded for more than four (4) years to any one recipient. Recipients will be asked to submit a renewal application and transcripts each spring to continue scholarship funding.


1. College transcript(s) (copies of transcripts are acceptable).
2. Medical school entrance exam or similar exam scores, if applicable.
3. Essay: 1) Explain your progress towards completing your education (including any clerkships, internships, fellowships, etc. in which you may be involved), 2) why you have chosen to pursue a degree in the medical field, and 3) future career goals once you complete your degree.
4. First page of your FAFSA Report.

$2,500 (3 Awards, renewable up to 4 years with verification of enrollment and major)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Why have you chosen to pursue a degree in the medical field? Describe your future career goals once you complete your degree.
  2. Explain your progress towards completing your education (include clerkships, internships, fellowships, etc.). Also include information about current and potential student loans you plan to acquire.
  3. Where will you attend school this coming fall? If your school changes between your application date and April 10, inform LCF of your school change.
  4. Upload your medical school entrance exam score (if applicable).