Haymarket Gallery Emerging Artists Scholarship

The Haymarket Emerging Artists Scholarship was established in 1996. Lincoln has long been recognized as a community filled with creative people, incredible works of public art and unique opportunities to experience all levels and methods of artistic expression. Adding to that rich artistic history, the Haymarket Art Gallery Corporation provided more than 25 years of service to the Lincoln community. The corporation established this scholarship to provide a lasting legacy in order to honor and recall the history and service of the Haymarket Art Gallery.

To apply, you must be a current graduating senior or former graduate of a Lancaster County public or private high school, or a current college student residing in Lancaster County, Nebraska at the time of application. The applicant must enroll as an art major in any accredited art program at a qualified institute, college or university. You must demonstrate extraordinary artistic promise, and intend to continue your education.

Additional Application Requirements: 1) images or url to a portfolio of recent works of art you have completed. Include the title and description of the work, medium, original size, and a brief statement regarding the inspiration for the piece or what it means to you. 2) One (1) reference’s e-mail address. References will be notified to fill out an online form. References must be teachers, counselors, case workers, clergy, employers, neighbors, etc. (references from family members are not acceptable).

$500 (1 Award)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload 3-5 documents showing your original artwork.
  2. Upload 2nd file of your artwork.
  3. Upload 3rd file of your artwork.
  4. Upload 4th file of your artwork.
  5. Upload image file of your artwork.
  6. Or enter a link to your portfolio.
  7. Type brief explanations of the artwork you uploaded or linked.
  8. Please submit one (1) reference e-mail address from an art teacher. References will be notified automatically by the system to fill out an online form when the application is submitted. Note: References have only until the March 15 deadline to submit, so applicants needing references must apply well ahead of the deadline to allow references adequate time to submit!
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