UCC - Elgin Scholarship

The United Church of Christ of Elgin Scholarship was established in 1980 with proceeds from the dissolution of the United Church of Christ in Elgin. The United Church of Christ of Elgin was founded in 1887 as the Elgin Presbyterian Church. In 1900, the church purchased land in Elgin and built a church. By the 1950s, membership began to decline, and in 1977 it was decided that the church should be dissolved. This scholarship fund is a result of that dissolution and is a lasting reminder of the generosity of the church’s members to the community of Elgin.

To apply, you must be a current graduating senior from Elgin Public Schools in Elgin, Nebraska.

Applicants will be selected based on class rank, grade point average, test scores, evidence of need, good moral character, promise of using gained education, references from business person and member of the clergy, and hope that recipients will contribute to the scholarship fund at a future date.

Additional Application Requirement: Two (2) references’ e-mail addresses. References will be notified to fill out an online form. References must be from a business person and member of the clergy and should explain the applicant’s scholastic achievement and moral character.

$2,000 (1 Award)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit two (2) reference e-mail addresses. One must be from a business professional and the other from a member of the clergy. References will be notified automatically by the system to fill out an online form when the application is submitted. Note: References have only until the March 15 deadline to submit, so applicants needing references must apply well ahead of the deadline to allow references adequate time to submit!
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