Kellie Marie James Scholarship

The Kellie Marie James Scholarship was established in 2022. Kellie and her husband started their family at a young age. Despite the associated hurdles, both were able to graduate from college, in part, from the generous financial support of their families. Kellie had a generous heart, believed in the importance of education, and thought everyone should be afforded the same opportunities she had. Kellie passed away in 2019, at the age of 40, from breast cancer. She left behind her husband, Kevin, three children; Blake, Lillian, and Brooklyn, and countless friends and family.

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must be a parent in need of financial assistance as a graduating high school senior or former graduate pursuing post-secondary education. Parent shall be defined as someone who is 30 years of age or younger serving as the primary custodial parent for at least one dependent child under the age of 16. Applicants must be a resident of Lancaster County, NE or a graduate of Crete High School, Crete, NE and attending a two- or four-year college or university in Nebraska. Applicants may renew this scholarship for one additional year subject to completing a renewal application and evidence of satisfactory academic performance.

$2,500 (1 Award, renewable for one additional year)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a resident of Lancaster County, Nebraska ?
  2. Are you a graduate or will you be a graduate of Crete High School in Crete, NE?
  3. Are you 30 years of age or younger and a primary custodial parent to at least one dependent child under the age of 16?
  4. Please enter the full name, email address, and phone number of an individual who can verify your parental status. This may be a teacher, counselor, case worker, employer, neighbor, etc. Please do not list a family member.