Linda Herman Scholarship

Linda, a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, lost her father at age ten and witnessed her mother struggle to make ends meet for two young girls. This left a lasting impact upon her. During her career in the field of Human Resources, she further realized the many challenges presented to women and the need for assistance for women of all ages seeking post-secondary education, job recertification and skills training. She feels that in providing education to women they will gain the skills, knowledge and self-confidence they may need to be a better parent, worker and citizen. She hopes that by investing in women’s education there will be economic and social benefits for all.

To apply, you must be a female U.S. citizen student currently graduating from a Lincoln, NE public or private high school; or a former graduate of any of those schools; attending a 2- or 4- college, university or trade school or vocational training institute either full-time or part-time; have maintained a 3.0 GPA; demonstrated financial need. There is a preference for women wanting to re-enter the work force after an absence due to family reasons.

$2,000 (3 Awards, may be renewed with full reapplication)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Returning To School After An Absence
    • Are you hoping to re-enter the workforce after an absence due to family reasons?
    • If yes, please explain. If no, type n/a.