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Welcome to the Lincoln Community Foundation Scholarship Opportunities Homepage.

Scholarships requiring letters of recommendation are “Apply To” opportunities. Students must click on the Apply To button of the specific scholarship to find the location to supply the name and e-mail address of the recommenders, who are then sent an automatic message to supply a reference on your behalf directly in the system.*

Below you will find a listing of scholarships available to students with brief information about each scholarship and its qualifications. You have the opportunity to complete a general scholarship application that will be matched automatically with our available opportunities. After submitting the application, you may see other “Apply To” opportunities for which you* may be eligible. These opportunities require additional documents, specials essays or letters of recommendation. *When you click on the “Apply To” button of an opportunity you will see additional fields to answer questions, upload documents and fill in the names and addresses of your references. References will automatically receive a link to write a letter of reference directly within the system. Please check each scholarship’s criteria to verify that you are truly eligible.
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